Tuition and Financial Aid

At IE University, our students are carefully selected, irrespective of their financial situation. Through our Financial Aid Office, the IE Foundation provides a wide range of options for financing your undergraduate studies. Should a student match our profile, have a good academic record, and show plenty of potential, we aim to ensure that a lack of financial resources is not a barrier to studying at IE University.

You can find detailed information on scholarships and financing in our Scholarships and Financial Aid page.


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IE University is keen to make sure that all talented students get to have a university experience that transforms them and encourages them to forge their own future, through academic and professional excellence, and thus make a lasting contribution to society.

With this in mind, the IE Foundation, through IE University’s Financial Aid Office, nurtures its students’ talent through two channels: scholarships and a tailor-made financial aid program.


In addition, the IE Foundation prides itself on providing funding for students who more than match the profile that fits in with our educational model and, especially, for those who achieve outstanding academic grades, thanks to their talent, as well as for those who excel in other areas, in this case, thanks to their individual efforts. These aspects are so important to our vision of Higher Education that the IE Foundation assesses them, irrespective of the student’s financial situation.

Similarly, the Financial Aid Office advises students who have been accepted on how to fund their studies, with tailor-made student loan plans.

IE graduates all over the world are proud that their personal financial contribution to the IE Foundation, made possible by their own brilliant careers, is both a grateful thank-you for the aid provided during their undergraduate programs, and a way of helping other unique and talented students.

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can provide you with information about our scholarship program and our financial aid program.