Once you have paid the place reservation fee, we will send you the enrolment form for you to fill in and return to the Admissions Department. You will be provided with specific instructions about the enrolment process and given a detailed list of all the documents you will need to submit. You do not need to send any documents you have already submitted during the admission process.

If you require any further information, please contact the Admissions Department.

Once you have enrolled, the Student Office will contact you to prepare for your arrival at the university.



If you have studied in Spain, or in a school outside Spain that complies with the Spanish education system, you will need to submit your “Tarjeta de Selectividad (PAAU)” that proves that you have officially passed the exam.

Countries which have a bilateral agreement with Spain

If you have studied in an educational system within the EU, Switzerland or countries which have a bilateral agreement with Spain, or if you have a European or International Baccalaureate Diploma, you will only need to submit the credentials given by the Spanish Distance-Learning University (UNED). In these cases, you will need to comply with the university entry requirements in your country of origin.


Different educational systems

The students who derive from different educational systems in the paragraph mentioned previously, are permitted to apply as long as they have legal access to enter any local universities. In this case, the student will need to officially validate their studies to the Spanish Educational system, which can be processed through the Ministry of Spanish Education. *


*This process can last from 3 to 6 months, which means you need to present the following document to the IE University Admissions Department: a photocopy of the homologation document with the official entry stamp of the Embassy. This document is essential so that you can proceed to the next phrase of finalizing your enrollment at IE University on a conditional basis.

Once the homologation process is complete, you will need to return to the initial office where you began the homologation process in order to receive the official certification credential document. You will need to present the original copy to the IE University admissions department. You cannot ask for the original copy to be mailed to your home address or to IE University. You have to go in person to pick up the document or authorize a person to pick it up on your behalf.

Your enrollment at IE University will not be deemed official until your homologation is approved by the Ministry of Spanish Education.

For any doubts regarding this process, please contact the IE University Admissions Department.