Our Pillars

In order to fulfill its commitments to students, faculty, alumni, and society, IE University builds upon its key pillars of innovation, entrepreneurship, academic rigor, and humanities.

Technological immersion and a culture of innovation

IE is committed to technological immersion in education and the business world and shapes leaders, empowering them to face the challenges of digital transformation.

Entrepreneurial mindset

IE promotes the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, boosts intrapreneurship and supports its students and graduates in the creation and development of startups around the world.

Humanities to understand the world

IE values the Humanities as a key element in understanding the reality of the world we live in through a global vision and the application of critical thinking.

Diverse nationalities, cultures and ideas

IE promotes diversity to ensure a unique experience, enriched by the contributions of students from around the world. Freedom and respect for diversity are inalienable values of our identity. Students, graduates and professors from more than 160 countries nurture an ecosystem rich in visions and ideas.